Imagine a song that blends warm synth sounds, a variety of samples, groovy rhythms, melodic vocal lines and introspective lyrics. Not impossible to imagine and not impossible to create. Tomás Valenzuela and Tiffany Calderbank made it their goal in the spring of 2016 to produce songs that combine these elements. The outcome was Vancouver-based indie pop band Adera. 

Since then they have been slowly working to develop and refine the sound they have crafted from the two’s similar yet distinct musical backgrounds. Influences like Royal Canoe, Mr. Jukes, Mutemath, and St. Vincent are just a few artists that have indirectly aided in shaping Adera’s music. 

In 2017 they needed a new goal. As a relatively fresh band they wanted to get out of their city and see what the music scene is like in other parts of Canada. They decided to self-book a tour from Vancouver to Montreal and back. They completed the tour successfully which sharpened their live show, presented them with a new perspective on the music community in Canada, and gave them the chance to play with many talented artists across the country. 

Most recently Adera had the opportunity to work with producer/engineer Tom Dobranski (The Zolas, We Are The City, Said The Whale) on a new single titled “Hollow.” A departure yet evolution from the band’s self-recorded and produced EP Reverie released in 2017. “Hollow” is a slower yet heavy-hitting indie pop track with elements of rock and melancholic yet hopeful lyrics. It was released in April of 2018 and is currently available through all major streaming platforms.