Adera is a little project that started when we, Tomás Valenzuela and Tiffany Calderbank, met while studying music at college in Vancouver, BC. Since then we've had the opportunity to play and work with many talented and kind musicians in the Vancouver area and across Canada. In 2017 we ambitiously drove our minivan (a gracious gift from Tiffany's mom) from Vancouver to Montreal and back for a two week tour. It was an incredible way for a new band to witness what the music scene is like in Canada and who shares the same passion as we do.

When we first met we both enjoyed the idea of creating songs that could be viewed as pop songs but maybe weren't as put together as that. We started out by finding synth sounds that seemed weird to us, changing the song structures to something more unexpected than traditional pop structures, and playing around with progressions and chords that are less common in the popular realm. We both agree that accessible weirdness sums up what we're after with our music.

Most recently we had the honour of working with producer/engineer Tom Dobranksi (The Zolas, We Are The City, Said The Whale) on a new track titled "Hollow." It is set to release this year (2018) so keep an eye out here, through our mailing list, and on our facebook page for details on the release.

Thank you for reading this, we wish you the best. 

Tiff and Tom.